Huawei Watch Stock Images Available

It’s kind of late now but, as this is the only time I can upload and download easily, I’m currently uploading stock images (boot, recovery & system) for the Huawei Watch for versions LCA49B and LCB43B. I can’t create a thread on XDA for this since, as my previous post says, I’m banned so just point them here or whatever…not my loss really. :p

Banned on XDA

Wow! I’ve already closed all my threads on XDA but I’ve still been banned anyways. Nice one. Now I can understand why old-time devs are getting out of XDA. :/

One G1 6.0.1 Update Soon!

I just received the OTA notification for the One G1’s Marshmallow update! I’ll be updating the stock images tomorrow together with my custom kernel for the One G1. For now, I’ve posted the link to the OTA file on my stock images page in XDA. Just go there to get it. 🙂


Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t updated my kernels in a while. Aside from the fact that XDA’s pissing me off, I’ve recently acquired an iPhone from my mobile provider and so I’ve been busy learning the ins and outs of it. I’ll get back to normal Android programming later. :p

XDA Quality Degradation

Just read a notice that my Mi4i thread has been closed by an XDA moderator because I don’t have any sources available when my GitHub page clearly has it. Duh! It seems someone doesn’t know how to browse GitHub. Oh well, I was going to close that thread anyways since I’ve already switched phones. If you’re going to cite someone who doesn’t provide sources in a timely fashion, that should be Xiaomi. :p