Just completed another one of my personal programs…also managed to extend my personal library to support SQLite in addition to Oracle, and MS SQL Server. Anyways, this entire weekend of mine seems to have been allocated to programming. Will have to remember to rest my brain a bit later. Maybe I should go to an archery range to relax. 🙂

Brand Familiarity

Have you ever encountered a post asking for an opinion between 2 products where the unbranded one is superior in every way (feature, price, build quality, etc.) and you take your time to point it out but then you get defeated when that person actually chooses the other product just because of the brand name’s familiarity? It’s just soooo frustrating! Anyways, just sharing. 😜

Archery Stuff

I finally got to return to the archery range after quite some time. It seemed like I forgot what I learned before but after my first bow shot my body seems to have suddenly recalled everything. Might have to go again some time soon so that my body can recall things better. 🙂