OnePlus 3 Adventures

Now that the kernel sources for the OnePlus 3’s Nougat ROM is out, I’ve finally fixed the wakelock problem with the USB host controller. Anyways, I’ve restored my device’s power consumption to pre-Nougat levels and I’ve confirmed it’s sleeping now. πŸ™‚

*Edit: Here’s proof:

ADB Sideload Problem

I’ve noticed that no one’s actually been providing the correct answer to when you’re encountering the ‘can’t read <file>’ problem when you’re sideloading a huge file through ADB. The answer’s simple really, it’s just that ADB can’t allocate a huge chunk of memory due to it being not Large Address Aware. I won’t explain what that means here so just Google it if you want to know what it does. Anyways, when you make ADB Large Address Aware, it can allocate memory fine so the sideload proceeds as usual. πŸ™‚

New Kernels Released!

It’s my birthday release so here’s the new kernels for the OnePlus 3 and Huawei Watch! I’ve concentrated on battery life in this release and also improved performance for the Huawei Watch tremendously. Hopefully, this release eliminates the lags experienced on the Huawei Watch by some users while still retaining the excellent battery life. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

OnePlus 3 Kernel

With the OnePlus 3 GitHub source update just today, I’ve updated the OnePlus 3 Kernel for 3.2.2 AND using latest sources with support for DASH charging among others. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Dropped Kernels

This post is just to announce that I’m dropping support for the G Watch R and the Moto X 2014. As for the former, it’s been a while since I changed to the Huawei Watch and sold my GWR so I really can’t ensure stability especially with the latest releases and that’s unacceptable for me. As for the latter, it’s kernel is still based on Linux 3.4 so I’m reeeeeaaaally feeling it’s age when it comes to optimization not to mention that it’s not my daily driver anymore since I bought the OnePlus 3 which I’ll be releasing a kernel for soon. Anyways, thanks for all the support even after I quit XDA! Hopefully we’ll meet each other on one of the devices I still do support. :p

G Watch R Update!

I finally got around to compiling my kernel for the G Watch R with my latest updates from the Huawei Watch. Don’t know if it works though since I’ve long since been separated from my G Watch R. Anyways, try it out and mention in the comments if it works or not. I still don’t know anything about the bootloop on charge though so don’t expect that to change. With my changes it shouldn’t be hard to get the GWR to last until you get to a charger! :p

Update Finally!

Although I’m still on a busy schedule, I’ve uploaded my most stable kernels yet yesterday! How do I say they’re my most stable? Because I’ve been using their codebases on my devices without modification for at least a month! I only recompiled them yesterday for upload so better get it!


  • Imported some changes from upstream with regards to how GCC versions compile the kernel code to prevent wrong compilation assumptions

New One G1 Kernel

I’ve uploaded a new test kernel for the One G1 which, I THINK, sharply reduces the number of times it reboots. Please test and comment if it works fine for you for a whole day at least. πŸ™‚

Kernel Development Pause

As many of you might’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit slow on updates recently. This is because of two things: a busy work schedule and something new I’ve learned for my kernel development. Anyways, right now I can’t quite integrate it into my work since I’m quite busy. I might have to pause development for a while until work lets up. πŸ™