OnePlus 3 Adventures

Now that the kernel sources for the OnePlus 3’s Nougat ROM is out, I’ve finally fixed the wakelock problem with the USB host controller. Anyways, I’ve restored my device’s power consumption to pre-Nougat levels and I’ve confirmed it’s sleeping now. 🙂

*Edit: Here’s proof:

ADB Sideload Problem

I’ve noticed that no one’s actually been providing the correct answer to when you’re encountering the ‘can’t read <file>’ problem when you’re sideloading a huge file through ADB. The answer’s simple really, it’s just that ADB can’t allocate a huge chunk of memory due to it being not Large Address Aware. I won’t explain what that means here so just Google it if you want to know what it does. Anyways, when you make ADB Large Address Aware, it can allocate memory fine so the sideload proceeds as usual. 🙂