G Watch R Update!

I finally got around to compiling my kernel for the G Watch R with my latest updates from the Huawei Watch. Don’t know if it works though since I’ve long since been separated from my G Watch R. Anyways, try it out and mention in the comments if it works or not. I still don’t know anything about the bootloop on charge though so don’t expect that to change. With my changes it shouldn’t be hard to get the GWR to last until you get to a charger! :p

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    1. The ramdisk’s from MEC23G while the source is latest at Android repository. There might be problem with MWD48B. I’ll try to find an updated ramdisk later.

  1. Kernel boots but then device powers off after a bit. Couldn’t get a log in time for you. I’m on the latest update (MWD48B). Going to reflash stock boot.img.

  2. Was working fine for few minutes and after that 4cores alway on and at 787mhz.. ? Checked it on aida32, cpu usage was 1 to 3%


    I have rebooted the watch and now it work again… not sure for how long..

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