G Watch R Update!

I finally got around to compiling my kernel for the G Watch R with my latest updates from the Huawei Watch. Don’t know if it works though since I’ve long since been separated from my G Watch R. Anyways, try it out and mention in the comments if it works or not. I still don’t know anything about the bootloop on charge though so don’t expect that to change. With my changes it shouldn’t be hard to get the GWR to last until you get to a charger! :p

Update Finally!

Although I’m still on a busy schedule, I’ve uploaded my most stable kernels yet yesterday! How do I say they’re my most stable? Because I’ve been using their codebases on my devices without modification for at least a month! I only recompiled them yesterday for upload so better get it!


  • Imported some changes from upstream with regards to how GCC versions compile the kernel code to prevent wrong compilation assumptions