Kernel Update!

I’ve just finished uploading new kernels for the Nexus 7 2013, One G1, Huawei Watch, and G Watch R! Details below:

Common for 3.10 Kernels:

  • updated to latest Linaro GCC ang Binutils 2.26
  • adopted 4k stack size to reduce memory utilization
  • assorted memory leak fixes

Nexus 7 2013 (20160131_11XX):

  • reverted most of the changes except basic configuration changes to fix some odd problems

Kernel Updates and Fixes

I’ve just uploaded version 20160125_21XX for the Huawei Watch and Nexus 7 2013. The Huawei Watch version contains assorted code improvements which, hopefully, should further improve performance while the Nexus version has a sensor hibernate fix. I’ve also uploaded a new TEST FIX version for the G Watch R which *might* fix the stupid dock issue. If it doesn’t just comment and I have another fix which, again, *might* fix the issue if the previous doesn’t fix it. :/

G Watch R Dock “Fix”

Just uploaded version 20160124_02XX disabling the custom dock code imported from Urbane which might be causing the dock problems. Please tell me if the dock behaviour is still there though. Hopefully the latest ROM has a different way of distinguishing of whether the watch is docked or not otherwise bye bye to the dock screen function. :/

Power Update

So it’s been a couple of days since the power mod went “live” on my Huawei Watch and it’s been awesome! So far I’ve not noticed any performance problems on it BUT the power savings have been phenomenal! According to my Android Wear battery stats, my watch was fully charged last January 12 at 5 pm and now (January 15 ~6 pm) it’s just at 33% remaining! If my AW battery stats are true, it’ll last for a day and a half still!


Huawei Power Breakthrough

After a recent change in my Huawei Watch kernel, it seems I made an unforeseen breakthrough in power consumption. I’ve had the watch on for a day after my modification and it only consumed 19%. Viewing the battery stats from the Android Wear app yields an estimate of 4 days remaining!!! Now it’s still a bit early to celebrate as I only had the watch mod for a day so keeping my fingers crossed now! :p

New Year’s Edition Kernels

I’ve been busy this past week with work so I’ve only uploaded new kernels today! intersectRaven kernels for the G Watch R, Huawei Watch, Nexus 7 2013 and One G1 are now available marked 20160101_20XX. Details will be posted later. 🙂