Next Device

Just decided to purchase the Huawei Watch as my next device. I’ll still continue developing for the G Watch R though so no worries there! My kernels *are* unified somewhat so most fixes and/or optimizations should be usable across devices. 🙂

Kernel Release!

New versions for my G Watch R and One G1 kernels have been released! I used a self-compiled toolchain using GCC rolled back to 4.9 from Linaro instead of 5.2 since it seems faster. Also optimized the boot times so that it should boot-up faster than before. 🙂


Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t updated my kernels in a while. Aside from the fact that XDA’s pissing me off, I’ve recently acquired an iPhone from my mobile provider and so I’ve been busy learning the ins and outs of it. I’ll get back to normal Android programming later. :p

XDA Quality Degradation

Just read a notice that my Mi4i thread has been closed by an XDA moderator because I don’t have any sources available when my GitHub page clearly has it. Duh! It seems someone doesn’t know how to browse GitHub. Oh well, I was going to close that thread anyways since I’ve already switched phones. If you’re going to cite someone who doesn’t provide sources in a timely fashion, that should be Xiaomi. :p