With the OnePlus 3 GitHub source update just today, I’ve updated the OnePlus 3 Kernel for 3.2.2 AND using latest sources with support for DASH charging among others. Enjoy! 🙂

This post is just to announce that I’m dropping support for the G Watch R and the Moto X 2014. As for the former, it’s been a while since I […]

I finally got around to compiling my kernel for the G Watch R with my latest updates from the Huawei Watch. Don’t know if it works though since I’ve long […]

Although I’m still on a busy schedule, I’ve uploaded my most stable kernels yet yesterday! How do I say they’re my most stable? Because I’ve been using their codebases on […]

I’ve uploaded a new test kernel for the One G1 which, I THINK, sharply reduces the number of times it reboots. Please test and comment if it works fine for […]

As many of you might’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit slow on updates recently. This is because of two things: a busy work schedule and something new I’ve learned for […]

Just uploaded a new kernel for the One G1! Hopefully the reboots are fixed due to a recode on some parts. If not well, more work awaits! :p

Another round of stability updates! Finally fixed the Nexus 7 2013 sensor bug…I hope… :p Btw, devices updated are Huawei Watch, Nexus 7 2013 and Moto X 2014. 🙂